Product Offerings:

Ashley Reida Photography offers tangible products you can touch and display.  Every image you order will also come with a high resolution digital file for your archival needs.  We will discuss the best options for you during your complimentary consultation (see "What to Expect") and we will re-visit those options and make any needed changes during your reveal session.


Session Fee

Your session fee will be $300.  All digital images and prints are sold separately-see below for print and product princing.  The session fee covers:

  • Makeover, including hair and makeup by a licensed, experienced stylist
  • Wardrobe styling and guidance
  • 2 hour photo shoot with guided posing and instruction to make you feel and look your best
  • Professional retouching
  • Reveal session

Weekend Session Fee: $400

Hotel Session Fee $400

** If you are considering any other genre of photography beyond glamour or boudoir please contact me to discuss session fees. **


Print prices begin at:

  • Framed Wall Portraits: $225
  • Albums: $800
  • Folio Box Collections: $800
  • Digital Collections: $1000
  • Individual printed and matted images and matching digital: $120/image

Most Boudoir Clients purchase an album.  Albums come in a variety of sizes and are priced according to size and amount of images included.

You choose what you want to buy and we go from there.  If you don't like an image you don't have to purchase it.  My goal is to create images for you that you absolutely fall in love with.

Payment options:

Pay in full day of your reveal

The best way to get your product is to pay in full. Product will arrive 2-4 weeks after payment is made.

pre-payment plan

Know that you're going to want EVERYTHING? Get started paying for your final order BEFORE your session! Every dollar contributed to your pre-payment program gets you an additional 20% credit on your final order! So if you pre-pay $1000, you'll have $1200 to spend at your reveal!

Paypal financing

Paypal offers a great way to finance your collection with no financing for the first 6-18 months. I can help you set it up at your appointment.

in house financing

Also available is in house financing. I offer financing up to 6 months in most cases. A 5% processing fee will be added to your total order and 25% of your total will be due as a down payment at the Reveal and Ordering Appointment. A credit card number I can charge monthly will be required to be kept on file to make payments. Money paid for in house financing cannot be refunded.



I absolutely back up my sessions, images, and my physical product.  If you don't enjoy yourself and do not love your images I will refund your session fee to you. If anything is wrong with your images or your order please contact me and we will work together to come up with a solution.