8 Quick Tips to Remember the Day of your Boudoir Session

8 Quick Tips to Remember the Day of your Boudoir Session

  1. Come with no makeup and clean, dry hair.

    Your boudoir session includes a complete makeover! So please remember to come with clean, dry hair and no makeup on a clean face! Please wear your hair down and NOT pulled back to the studio as this makes styling MUCH easier!

  2. Don’t forget the thongs!

    While you’re encouraged to bring your own lingerie, we do offer a small collection of lingerie in a wide variety of sizes for our boudoir clients to use. We only ask that you bring your own black or nude thongs to wear under our pieces for extra sanitary purposes. (All lingerie used is washed between clients)

  3. shoes! and Jewelry!

    Bring shoes! The higher the heel, the better! Don’t worry, you won’t really be walking in them! If you have jewelry you’d like to wear, remember to bring that as well.

  4. shave (if that’s your thing)

    If you prefer to be shaved please do so the morning of your session. Don’t forget your legs, pits, lady bits, and bum (YUP! Hair grows there and a LOT of people forget to shave it ) Be sure to moisturize the proper areas with the proper moisturizer. If you prefer to be al natural then that’s perfectly fine as well- we won’t edit out your glorious hair!

  5. what to wear

    Please come in a button down or zip down shirt to avoid messing up your styles hair and wear loose sweat or yoga pants. Jeans and undergarments leave lines on your skin. If you MUST wear undergarments, opt for a loose sports bra and undies without seams.

  6. Cut labels and remove tags

    Be sure to remove any labels you have on your clothing and to cut out any labels that are visible through your garments.

  7. eat! please eat!

    We know you’re likely a bit nervous but please be sure to have a nutritional breakfast that will fill you up (but not too full) Also, feel free to bring a snack with you in case you need to nosh mid session.

  8. prepare to have a great time

    We want you to have a blast! We know this is a one of a kind experience and we want it to be perfect!

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