10 Great Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session!

10 Great Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

  1. It’s a great boost to your self esteem and confidence.

    As women we are often subjected to the media and what they say women should be. The thing is, most women are not what society accepts as the norm of beauty. We have curves, or less curves. Our skin isn’t always as flawless as it seems it should be. We have cellulite, and we have stretch marks from having our babies. We are REAL women….and we need to feel beautiful no matter what. It’s time to stop comparing ourselves to magazine models and re-work what normal is.

2. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate a pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. Your body goes through so many changes to bring life into this world. You deserve to commemorate how beautiful and feminine these changes are. You’ll forever have these to capture and look back on when your body is going through the post baby changes.


3. A Boudoir Session makes a Memorable gift for your spouse to be!

Many women opt to have a boudoir session so that they can gift the album of images to their soon to be spouse just before walking down the aisle. To be able to give this to the person who will forever love you and is about to make their vows to you, and you alone, is a beautiful thing. I’ve had so many women send me videos of their spouse recieving their album and it’s a beautiful and emotional moment.

4. Commemorate a milestone birthday!

What more fun of a way to celebrate 30, 40, 50, 60 and beyond? Treat yourself to a milestone boudoir shoot because YOU DESERVE IT! And how fun will it be on your 90th birthday to look back at your album and remember how much of a slayer you were (and still are-get em girl!!!)

5. Gifts……


Having a session should be first and foremost for yourself. However, the produce makes for a great gift for your significant other. Birthday, Father/Mother’s day, Anniversaries, Christmas, or just because it’s Wednesday, the receiver of these images will be completely blown away.

6. Celebrate your hard work

Have you accomplished something you’re proud of? Have you gotten a promotion? Have you lost weight? Celebrate that shit! Do something for YOU!!!!

7. Dare I say, show your daughters that you love your body and your boys that perfection is in every body

A lot of us are raising children. We have little girls that hear their momma say they’re too fat, have too much cellulite, hate their stretch marks, and wish they had a firmer tummy and less saggy boobies. We are raising little boys that will be drawn to media depictions of perfection. We need to teach our daughters to fall in love with the body God blessed them with , and our boys to know that a woman isn’t any less of a woman because she’s not a model.

8. Rekindle the PASSION

A lot of times, after you’ve been with someone a while, that spark just fades. We wonder if it’s something we’ve done…but it’s usually not. It’s just the natural progression of a lot of relationships. The newness fades and sometimes you need that extra push to get the bedroom steaming again. Remind your lover who you are get things going again.


9. Remind yourself who you are

Life takes it’s toll for sure. As we get older, get jobs, get married, have kids, and just generally lose ourselves in life, we tend to forget the goddess trapped inside…let her out!

10. And finally….just because you fucking deserve it.

You do your life so well. You care for other people and you put everyone else first. It’s your time. It’s time for your to put yourself first and do something you’ve wondered about. You absolutely deserve it.


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