Selfie Therapy

Selfie Therapy


Today I was sitting here contemplating life and the many choices I have to face in the near future. I feel like my life is literally crumbling around me in ways I can’t even discuss to anyone. I’m at war with myself internally. I look at myself in the mirror and I say the same demeaning things to my reflection that I coach other women to not say to themselves…and then I feel like a hypocrite and an imposter. Who will follow me and understand me and take my message when I can’t even be faithful to my own teaching?

But we all have those days…you have to give yourself grace just as I have to forgive myself and know that not every day is perfect. Not every week is going to be a great week. You might have stretches of months where your life seems….lackluster. And that’s life. In the big shiny ethereal light of life there can be brassy spots. Those spots need shined a little. You have to find ways to feel good about yourself again and to love the skin you’re in once again.

For me, it’s selfie therapy. When I photograph myself, not only do I get to try new things that I wouldn’t ask my clients to do unless they asked and I get to feel like myself again. And I can look at images and KNOW that no matter what, I’m still a beautiful soul and there’s still a beautiful life for me to experience. I can look and regain my confidence and know that I have lost nothing of myself…rather hidden it.