At Home Date Nights

At Home Date Nights - by Samantha Jones

How often do you find yourself wanting to do something fun and intimate with your spouse, but you cannot find a sitter? Often, right? I am here to save the day with my list of at home date nights you can do after the kids go to bed, or even dates for when the kids are not home! This list will include everything from simple to sexy dates, have fun!

  1. Let’s Get Cooking!- This is my first idea because cooking is my true passion. When you and your partner cook together, you can work on your bonding through teamwork, and you can create flavors that you both enjoy. Here are some fun ideas for what to cook:

  • Spaghetti (Bonus points for a Lady and the Tramp moment)

  • Fondue (Melted chocolate…what could be more sexy?)

  1. Craft Night- Bring out your inner child. Make macaroni jewelry for her, make a picture frame with a picture of the two of you in it for him. Make things using materials that you already have around your house, make it more of a challenge. Draw pictures, color in a coloring book, do whatever you can to bring out the creativity in each other.

  2. Movies and Popcorn- Keep it simple with cuddling and a movie. This is a date that will cost you pretty much nothing. Keep it light with a rom-com, or make it scary to give you a little more of a reason to cuddle. Extra butter on the popcorn please!

  3. Wine Tasting- Now this one will cost you a little bit of money. Go to the store and buy3-5 bottles of different kinds of wine, and 5 random snacks (cheese, crackers, meats, chips, etc.) Work together to see which snacks pair well with which wines and create different flavor profiles. In the end, you will probably have a nice little buzz, so light some candles, turn on some mood music, and do whatever strikes your fancy 😉

  4. Game Night- One of my favorite things to do is play board games. Dig out your old board games or head to your local store and pick out some new oness to keep at home. Some of my favorites are Life and Monopoly. These are all games that are possible to play with two players. One thing I love about board games is that they encourage communication and problem solving, both of which are essential to a relationship. (Ashley's note: try some awesome kids games to shake shit up! Twister, Flapdoodle, and Operation come to mind!)

Some of these date ideas can be combined to create the ultimate home date, for example, cook dinner together and then watch movies. There’s a classic date night, but at home. I had so many ideas for this blog but if I gave them all, this entry would be forever long. Let us know some of your at home date ideas in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!