Adult Toy Reviews

Let's talk adult toys! Sex is great, but let's face it. It can get a little bit...dull...when you are doing the same things over and over. Or what about when your partner is away, but you get that urge. SEX TOYS TO THE RESCUE! Below, I have listed some of my favorite products that can enhance your sex life, along with a brief explanation of each. I may be partial to Pure Romance, but if you buy Pure Romance already, then you know why.


Satisfyer Pro 2 ( $69.95)- I paid over $200 for this when I purchased it, and I was not mad about it. At $69.95, you should be mad at yourself if you don't buy it! THIS.IS.THE.BEST.TOY.EVER!

Premiere Fingertip Clitoral Vibrator ( $89)- This toy is great for travel and when you are trying to be discrete. It is small and quiet.


Blue Dolphin Vibrator ( $29.95)- This is an affordable toy for women who prefer vaginal stimulation. For the price, it only makes sense to at least try it!

Manhattan Vibrating Massage Wand With 7 Pulsing Patterns ( $119)- I can't y'all. I just can't. Just buy it. Trust me.

Dual Action

Head Liner 14-Function Dual-Action Vibrator ( $69)- A dual-action toy is the creme de la creme. This one provides both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, sure to provide screaming Os!

Anal Play

Darya Vibrating Butt Plug ( $99)- This one is the perfect size for beginners, but it is oh-so-pleasurable! Try it with Anal-Ese (mentioned below) for ultimate satisfaction.

Behind The Scenes 13-Function Anal Massager ( $99)- "The real action happens Behind The Scenes with this thrilling backdoor accessory with 10 vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns. This silicone toy includes a unique rolling ball that enhances every sensual stroke for a mind-blowing grand finale. Direct the action for your leading man or lady when you mix exhilarating shaft vibration with the massaging ball’s 3 speeds."

Creams and Lubes

Simple Silk Toy-Friendly Lubricant ( $24)- This is a basic lube that is great for use with toys. It will not break down the material used to make the toy.

Seductive Spotlight Water-Based Lubricant ( $29)- This one is your basic everyday lubricant, on steroids. It will make anything feel even better.

Anal-Ese ( $12.95)- If you are a beginner in anal play, I strongly recommend this product. It provides a cooling effect that can relieve some of the initial discomforts that come with anal play.

Great Head Oral Delight Gel ( $20)- It makes head taste better. Enough said. It also comes in lots of flavors.

AMP Enhancement Gel ( $24)- This is a long-lasting gel that makes orgasms more intense. It provides a tingling sensation when applied to the clitoris and provides a longer lasting orgasm.

For Couples

Frequent Flier Door Swing Instant Position Aid ( $89)- This one is a sex swing. It provides you with the opportunity to assume positions that you never thought possible. Buy it.


Under The Bed Restraint System ( $69.95)

Hot Tie & Cuff Set ( $36.95)

The two products listed above are great for when you really want to pleasure your partner, while you remain in control. Bondage is for those who are seeking adventure, and these restraints are great for those who are looking for fun, new beginnings.

Onyx Teaser ( $35)- Pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain...not to mention, this whip is GORGEOUS!

Massage and Miscellaneous

Come Clean 8 oz Adult Sex Toy Cleaner ( $16)- You need this to clean your toys, nobody wants an infection. That is all.

Sexy Surprise Flirty Foreplay Dice Game For Couples ( $18)- These cute little dice are a great spin on game night for you and your significant other. Grab a drink, grab some dice and get ready for a night of fun!

Aura Massage Oil ( $18)

Heart Massager Heart-Shaped Heat Pack ( $16)

Burning Desire Soy Massage Oil Candle ( $24)

The Aura Massage Oil (any scent) and the Heart Massager are a great combination for an aromatherapy massage. All of the scents are fantastic and when you combine them with the warmth of the massager, it is amazing. The Burning Desire Massage Candle is amazing by itsself, warmth and amazing scent all in one.

Between The Sheets Powder-Based Linen Spray ( $18-$19)- This is my favorite Pure Romance product. It makes your sheets soft, silky, makes them smell amazing, and soaks up that pesky after-sex wet spot quickly. It's also available it many amazing scents.

Final Thoughts

I strongly recommend that you check out these websites and purchase the products in the categories of your choosing, I promise that you won't regret it. I will tell you this, I am single as a Pringle and my sex life is better than it has EVER been. The right products really do make a difference, see for yourself ;)