Tips for Taking the Perfect Nude Selfie

It's a struggle that most of us have had, but have yet to perfect a solution. NUDE SELFIES! Maybe your hubby or wife is away on a business trip and you want to send them a nice surprise, or maybe you just want to feel sexy for yourself. Either way, I am here to help you with tips for taking the perfect nude selfie.


1. Angle. Let's start with an easy one, boobies! I think the best angle for a boob photo  is straight ahead.  Sometimes, taking a photo of your boobs from below or above can make them look...for lack of better words....saggy? To add some depth, you might think about taking the photo from the side, but still consider keeping it at boob level. Maybe you want add a little more fullness or extra cleavage? Just use the tops of your arms to squeeze the girls together. This works both standing or sitting up, and laying down. Now for the hard part. Anyone who has tried to take nude selfies knows that the hardest one to perfect is the booty. It is just sooooo hard to get that angle that really flatters those curves. My secret for booty nudes is to take the photo from below the booty and to the side. If you capture the photo from above the booty, you don't really capture all of the important curves. If you capture the photo from below, and just to the side, you can see everything. See the photo below for an example. Remember though, only you know what angles you look best at and what you are most comfortable with, so just do what feels right to you.



2. Lighting. Don't use flash. Make sure you have enough light, but not too much. Too much light can be very unflattering. With that being said, don't let the photo be too dark either. If it's too dark, it kind of defeats the purpose. I recommend going into a room with good natural light, and that should be just enough. If it's dark outside, a decently lit room is also fine. The right lighting makes a huge difference, so use your best judgment on this one.


3. Be mysterious. People, men especially, are visual creatures. One thing you may want to consider when taking nudes, is to not be completely nude. Consider wearing your favorite pair of sexy panties if taking a booty nude. If you are taking a boob shot, consider wearing a sexy bra with maybe just a little bit of nipple showing, or even just wear see-thru lingerie. Leave a little mystery, it'll drive your partner wild. 


4. Take shower selfies. This is my favorite time to take nudes. I just think that wet skin has a sexier look than dry skin. One thing you can try is before getting in the shower, rub some baby oil on the boobies and the booty. When water hits your skin, it will create a water droplet effect that looks uber hot. Once this happens, take the selfie! This is one of my favorite tips.


5. Experiment. Taking the same nudes can get boring. Take nudes EVERYWHERE! Getting ready for bed? Take some nudes. Already in bed? Take some nudes. In the shower? Take some nudes? Fresh out of the shower? Take some nudes. In a hotel on vacation? Take some nudes. Take nudes standing up. Take nudes sitting down. Take nudes laying down. Take nudes bending over. Find out what looks best for you. Dress it up. Take it all off. Keep doing things differently, and keep it interesting. 


6. Be careful. I'm going to turn into Captain Obvious real quick. Do not send your nudes to people you barely know. Take this from someone who has learned their lesson the hard way. If you insist on doing this anyway, for the love of all things holy, DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR FACE OR ANY FEATURES (such as visible tattoos) THAT WILL GIVE YOU AWAY! If you are going to send nudes, just make sure it's to someone that you trust completely, and don't accidentally text it to the wrong person. Hey, it happens!


In closing, sending nudes is very fun if done in the right way. Just sending one to your partner while they are at work can make for a very fun night when they get home. Have fun, be safe, and get to snapping!

-Samantha Jones, Ashley Reida Boudoir Blogger



-If you have a good camera, a tripod and a shutter remote work wonders!

-Arch the back and POP that booty (actually helps the booty AND boobies)