10 Reasons You Should Have a Boudoir Session

10 Reasons You Should Have a Boudoir Session

Did you know that boudoir is about more than just wearing lingerie and looking sexy?  There are a lot more benefits to a session then just having some interesting pictures to look at!  Here are 10 reasons ( in no particular order ) you should book your own boudoir session!


1. A Boudoir Session will increase your self esteem, self confidence, and self worth.

We are always our own worst critics.  We look in the mirror and ONLY see our flaws.  We're not used to noticing the nicer aspects of ourselves.  When you have a boudoir session, you really get to see yourself from another perspective.  From someone else's perspective.  You get to see that you truly are a beautiful person, inside and out.  Many girls have come in and cried at their reveals!

Imagine, putting on the dress...and instead of thinking you can't pull it off (because of YOUR insecurities) you remember what everyone else really sees...a bombshell!

2. A Boudoir Session is fun!

I like having fun with my girls (I call them Ashley's Angels).  Most usually come in pretty nervous, and that's completely normal.  I get them relaxed by chatting with them and we joke around.  We laugh about how silly some poses are and dance around to music.  Sometimes I take them to do fun things ... like playing in mud!  Everyone's experience is different.  I keep the atmosphere light and my girls always leave telling me "That's not as bad as I thought it wold be! I actually had fun!"

3. A Boudoir Session gives you an excuse to get all dressed up!

Girls that come in for a session with me are treated to professional hair and makeup.  You get to get all girlied up and pretty!  And it's a great excuse to get all dolled up!  After your session, you can hit the town for date night and still look FAB!

4. A Boudoir Session gives you an excuse to go SHOPPING!  Or not, if you hate shopping!

A lot of women love to shop for pretty things!  Lingerie is one of the ultimate pretty things.  And shoes. And jewelry. And a pretty dress...and.....

But, if you hate shopping, I do carry a selection of lingerie in my client closet that you are welcome to choose from so that you don't have to deal with that aspect.

5. A Boudoir Session gives you an excuse to wear your pretty lingerie for more than 2 seconds!

We all know it,  We put on a sexy number to entice our lover and it's literally on your body for 2 seconds...or less!  And the amount of money that is sometimes invested in pieces given the amount of time you actually wear them is astronomical!  So bring all your pretties to me and let me photograph you in them!  You'll wear each piece for 15-30 minutes and have photos to remember how BOMB you look in it!

6. A Boudoir Session makes a great gift!

First off, you should have a boudoir session first and foremost for YOURSELF!  But, next to that, they do make excellent gifts!  Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Father's Day, Weddings, Christmas....or just for the hell of it.  Very few lovers out there would complain about getting an album full of sexy images from their woman!

7. A Boudoir Session gives you a chance to get a day away from it all!

This is the ultimate break from routine!  Schedule a day off work.  Get a babysitter for the kids for the day.  Take a break from the normal household duties you've got. You deserve a day to yourself!  Instead of taking a sick day and staring at the boob tube all day, come and get some boob pics! Haha! I kid...unless you want boob pics....

8. A Boudoir Session celebrates who you are RIGHT NOW!

Do you love your curves, or wish to love them?  Did you just lose weight?  Did you just get a divorce?  Did you just get married?  Are you pregnant?  Do you want to remember your body before you get pregnant? Did you just turn 30? 40? 50? 60?

Whatever your circumstances, a boudoir session right now will help you remember this time in your life.  And it will help you remember that you're a badass! 

On a personal note, I recently had a boudoir session at my HEAVIEST weight.  I desired to love myself as I was and decided to go for it so that even when I eventually get the weight off, I can look back and still love my body like it is now.  To remember that my weight loss journey wasn't because I didn't love my body or my curves, rather that I was leading an unhealthy life.  And I didn't love my body...but after my session I just look in the mirror and 75% of the time think DAYUM GIRL THOSE CURVES!!!  (The other 25% of the time I still nit pick like any other woman but it was a much higher percentage before my session)

9. A Boudoir Session lets you be someone you aren't usually.

You go to work.  You take care of the kids. You clean the house. You do yard work. You cook dinner.  You wear so many hats.  And yet there's something buried in there that wants out.  A sexy kitten, a naughty librarian, a she wolf, a badass babe.  What's under everything that we can let out?  A boudoir session give you the opportunity to express who you are and incorporate your interests into your under the covers persona.

10. A Boudoir Session gives you an excuse to pamper yourself!

Not that you need an excuse...but some of us have a hard time justifying spending time or money on ourselves when we have soooo many other obligations. 

Now is the time to get a manicure, get a pedicure, tan a little bit (not a lot), get your hair done ( I don't recommend anything completely new just before your session in case you don't love it), eat healthy, and generally take care of yourself so that you look and feel amazing during your session!

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