Top 5 Sexy Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Sexy Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Spice Up Your Love Life This Christmas

Tis the Season!   Why not spice up your relationship with some sexy, fun Christmas gifts for your guy?  Women don't always have to be the ones to initiate the fun!  Let him open these gifts that will lead to the ultimate!  I've selected my top 5 Christmas gifts to spice up your relationship this Christmas! Enjoy!

(PS...this blog does contain affiliate links pictures that you can click and buy if you'd like and I do get a small kick-back....but you love me so...... :P )

1. Positioning Pillow

This baby is a sexy gift with a sexy secret.....he will think it's fun to try a new position....but you'll find it helps reach certain areas....ahem....I know this from experience.

There are all sorts of them in all different shapes and sizes but my favorite one is this one:

2. A Boudoir Session

That's a given!  You might not have time to do this before Christmas but you can always get your session booked and then purchase lingerie and give him a little heads up on what to expect soon!!! 

As an added bonus, a boudoir session can help you build up your self confidence and make you feel more attrative, when you feel more attractive, people find you more attractive...its a confidence thing <3


3. Bedroom Games

The same old routine can get boring this Christmas, use some of these fun ideas to mix it up a little.  Play a game, try new positions, give IOU's.  The checks would make a great stocking stuffer!! can also buy white sheets and make a game board on them with each space representing something the other has to do with each other...grab 2 space moves and a dice and you'll both WIN!

4. Satin Boxers

Ummmmm Yummy!!! I'm pretty sure you can find these anywhere but I linked some pretty ones for you in case you don't want to go to the store ;) Hehe....

Are these more for feel fab?  Or for you?  Imaging cuddling up to silk boxers!  Beats the holey ones that are his favorite......not speaking from experience or anything....

5. A Massage....for both of you!

Use these together to set the mood!  Oil, massage gloves, music, candles....perfection!  Just remind him he needs to GIVE to GET!  If you know what I mean.....

PRO TIP: ALL of the massage products will fit in a maybe a massage themed stocking? ;)

I hope you ladies enjoyed my top 5 sexy Christmas gift ideas for your guy I came up with!  Have fun shopping for your lover! 

Merry Christmas! <3