What is a Contemporary Glamour Shoot?

A lot of people ask me what a contemporary glamour shoot or a beauty session is.  It's simply a session where you get to come in and get pampered.  You get a makeover and you get to wear beautiful clothes.  You get to BE Cinderella for a day.  You get the day to yourself to be you and to be creative. The shoots can be whatever you want them to be.  Beauty. Creative. Glamour. Boudoir. Maternity. Vintage. Classic.  We can discuss this and we will make sure the session fits YOU.

Now what it is NOT....it is NOT the 80's and 90's glamour from the stalls at the mall.  Haha! Unless you want it to be!

Below are some examples of some of my recent Contemporary Glamour Shoots. These are all real live women...of all shapes, sizes, ages.  Moms, wives, and hard working individuals.  Women just like you who wanted to have a day to themselves and to feel like the true beauty they are.