Nurse's Week 2016 - Molly

Nurses are so important to our community.  Alongside doctors they assist in making us whole and healthy again.  And making the sick comfortable.  Without nurses, our doctors couldn't perform their jobs as well..and they fill in medical gaps with compassion and companionship.  They're there when we're born, throughout our lives and they'll be there when we take our final breaths.  In honor of Nurse's week, I had the pleasure of treating two local Effingham nurses to a photo session.  They deserve it don't you think? ;) 

This is Molly! You can tell just by looking at her that she has an amazing personality. Bright eyed and with a gorgeous smile (she has an infectious laugh as well).  This gorgeous lady serves Effingham County as a nurse.

Molly, in home health nurse and outpatient surgery nurse

Molly, in home health nurse and outpatient surgery nurse

Molly has been a nurse for 4 years.  She recently moved to the Effingham area and has plans to become extremely involved in our community.  She's currently working for an in home health facility where she travels to her patient's homes to provide care in their own familiar environments.  She's also working at an outpatient surgery center and is a nursing school teacher.  Molly says about her job, "Impacting peoples lives each day and changing them in any way, shape or form. I love impacting community members and caring for them in their comfortable environments." 

I usually ask questions of people I'm featuring in person or via a questionnaire and I take those responses and re-word them to tell a story the reflects that individual from my perspective...however when Molly answered my question about why she decided to become a nurse, her response was profound to me.  There is no way I can do her story justice by changing anything about here is why Molly became a nurse, in her own words.  "At the age of 18, I suffered a severe allergic that caused me to lose 95% of my skin from head to toe. Unaware that I was highly allergic to sulfa, as a senior in high school, I was prescribed Bactrim for a sinus infection. Doses of medication for twelve days soon invaded my body with an extreme rash and fever. Physicians and healthcare providers were dumbfounded at the sight of me. Metamorphosing by the hour, I was finally diagnosed correctly by an excellent emergency room physician. Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis had attacked my body, an illness that strikes one in every two million individuals yearly. He explained to my parents how the illness was going to eat away at my flesh both internally and externally. Straight to the point, he elucidated the severity and what a necessity it was to transfer me to a burn unit immediately. With blisters the size of footballs covering ninety-five percent of my body, my condition only worsened. Healthcare professionals debrided my blistered skin daily, from face to toes my body was peeled away exposing raw open nerve endings. The pain I experienced is both indescribable and unforgotten. I was feed through a feeding tube, given a PICC line and was monitored around the clock. Between the bandaged slits of my eyes, I witnessed first hand the tremendous love and compassion nurses hold for their patients. Constantly unwrapping, bathing and rewrapping my victimized body, their dedication and determination for my survival never wavered. I too desired to be that caliber of nurse, who aids in my patient’s survival. " 

Wow.  Everyone has a story to tell and all of your stories sum up who you are now...Molly had a deep ah-ha moment when she was in the hospital with her own life in jeopardy.  She was cared for by such compassionate nurses and it made a difference to her...and now she's making that same difference to countless others in our community.  She says, "Nursing is a profession that offers endless possibilities and it is not always so glamours, like tv shows. What I love most about nursing and what I want the world to know is that nurses are the backbone to medicine." Well said and AMEN.

When Molly isn't providing comfort and care in our medical community, she's usually out in the general community or spending time with her family who are very important to her.  She loves to travel, work out, and socialize with her friends and family.  She's excited about what her future hold in store for her.  She believes nursing is an open book and has so much potential.  She wants to explore every door God opens for her.

As if nursing itself weren't amazing enough, Molly is very involved in volunteering.  In the past she's volunteered managing a free healthy clinic, with the organizations CASA and Blessings in a Backpack, is a member of a sorority that volunteers, and in orphanages in Mexico.  She looks forward to getting her hands on many other volunteering opportunities in the future.

A note from Molly: One year ago, I made an exciting decision to become an entrepreneur, along side my career as a nurse! I love being a nurse and I am able to share my passion for medicine through this opportunity. Medicine, in the form of feeling beautiful in your skin. This opportunity has changed my life and has allowed me to change other peoples' lives every day, by allowing them to build the life of their dreams, financially, personally, emotionally and professionally! I would love sharing more with anyone that is interested. Please feel free to contact me,