Prepping for a Glamour Session

Beauty, Glamour, and Boudoir sessions are very different than your typical portrait session.  They are artistic, alluring, and very individual.  As such, I often get the questions, "What should I wear?" and "How do I prepare?"  I've put together a list of things I like for my clients to do before they arrive at my home as well as tips for prepping their wardrobe.  I thought I'd share it here and go into a little more detail. (The bolded statements are explanations)


Glamour Prep Guide

What to bring:

-Several (5-10) wardrobe items in solid, non-patterned colors (actually a few can have fun patterns that speak to you).  Choose tops, dresses, and/or lingerie that make you feel beautiful and accentuate your favorite features.  Black is flattering for most but don’t be afraid of color.(Red looks amazing on most skin tones and with most hair colors)  Also think about accessories such as jewelry (I love bold necklaces that make a statement) and fun or interesting hats. (If you’re planning to be photographed with a friend or family member try to have an outfit that coordinates or compliments the other)


-Makeup.  Paying clients will have a licensed hair and makeup artist on hand to prep their look.  Clients who've had their session fee waived will have the choice of doing their own makeup and letting me help with touchups or brining their makeup and I can apply it


-False eyelashes. If you’ve never worn them I, or the beauty stylist, will apply them for you.  They can be purchased at Walmart or Sally’s Beauty Supply

Before the Photoshoot:

-Start applying lotion to your body daily about 7 days prior to the session-pay special attention to rough areas.

-Make sure you’re hydrating daily. (It's great for your skin-hydrated skin looks amazing)

-Consider a manicure-if not, make sure your nails are clean and well groomed.

-Get a professional spray tan if you’re wanting a tan. Please do not apply self tanner unless you’re very experienced. (You do not NEED to tan – this is just optional) (I love pale beautiful skin so don't be shy)

-Choose your wardrobe items and send me photos of them via text or on Facebook so I can start planning your session and prepping backdrops. (Shopping anyone??)

-Get a good night’s rest the night before your shoot! (Beauty sleep!)

-Use invisible deodorant (we don't want white marks on your beautiful outfits!!)


I hope you found this article helpful in prepping for your photo session! If you have any questions or think there's something I should add, please feel free to comment in the section below!