At Home Date Nights

At Home Date Nights - by Samantha Jones

How often do you find yourself wanting to do something fun and intimate with your spouse, but you cannot find a sitter? Often, right? I am here to save the day with my list of at home date nights you can do after the kids go to bed, or even dates for when the kids are not home! This list will include everything from simple to sexy dates, have fun!

  1. Let’s Get Cooking!- This is my first idea because cooking is my true passion. When you and your partner cook together, you can work on your bonding through teamwork, and you can create flavors that you both enjoy. Here are some fun ideas for what to cook:

  • Spaghetti (Bonus points for a Lady and the Tramp moment)

  • Fondue (Melted chocolate…what could be more sexy?)

  1. Craft Night- Bring out your inner child. Make macaroni jewelry for her, make a picture frame with a picture of the two of you in it for him. Make things using materials that you already have around your house, make it more of a challenge. Draw pictures, color in a coloring book, do whatever you can to bring out the creativity in each other.

  2. Movies and Popcorn- Keep it simple with cuddling and a movie. This is a date that will cost you pretty much nothing. Keep it light with a rom-com, or make it scary to give you a little more of a reason to cuddle. Extra butter on the popcorn please!

  3. Wine Tasting- Now this one will cost you a little bit of money. Go to the store and buy3-5 bottles of different kinds of wine, and 5 random snacks (cheese, crackers, meats, chips, etc.) Work together to see which snacks pair well with which wines and create different flavor profiles. In the end, you will probably have a nice little buzz, so light some candles, turn on some mood music, and do whatever strikes your fancy 😉

  4. Game Night- One of my favorite things to do is play board games. Dig out your old board games or head to your local store and pick out some new oness to keep at home. Some of my favorites are Life and Monopoly. These are all games that are possible to play with two players. One thing I love about board games is that they encourage communication and problem solving, both of which are essential to a relationship. (Ashley's note: try some awesome kids games to shake shit up! Twister, Flapdoodle, and Operation come to mind!)

Some of these date ideas can be combined to create the ultimate home date, for example, cook dinner together and then watch movies. There’s a classic date night, but at home. I had so many ideas for this blog but if I gave them all, this entry would be forever long. Let us know some of your at home date ideas in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Adult Toy Reviews

Let's talk adult toys! Sex is great, but let's face it. It can get a little bit...dull...when you are doing the same things over and over. Or what about when your partner is away, but you get that urge. SEX TOYS TO THE RESCUE! Below, I have listed some of my favorite products that can enhance your sex life, along with a brief explanation of each. I may be partial to Pure Romance, but if you buy Pure Romance already, then you know why.


Satisfyer Pro 2 ( $69.95)- I paid over $200 for this when I purchased it, and I was not mad about it. At $69.95, you should be mad at yourself if you don't buy it! THIS.IS.THE.BEST.TOY.EVER!

Premiere Fingertip Clitoral Vibrator ( $89)- This toy is great for travel and when you are trying to be discrete. It is small and quiet.


Blue Dolphin Vibrator ( $29.95)- This is an affordable toy for women who prefer vaginal stimulation. For the price, it only makes sense to at least try it!

Manhattan Vibrating Massage Wand With 7 Pulsing Patterns ( $119)- I can't y'all. I just can't. Just buy it. Trust me.

Dual Action

Head Liner 14-Function Dual-Action Vibrator ( $69)- A dual-action toy is the creme de la creme. This one provides both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, sure to provide screaming Os!

Anal Play

Darya Vibrating Butt Plug ( $99)- This one is the perfect size for beginners, but it is oh-so-pleasurable! Try it with Anal-Ese (mentioned below) for ultimate satisfaction.

Behind The Scenes 13-Function Anal Massager ( $99)- "The real action happens Behind The Scenes with this thrilling backdoor accessory with 10 vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns. This silicone toy includes a unique rolling ball that enhances every sensual stroke for a mind-blowing grand finale. Direct the action for your leading man or lady when you mix exhilarating shaft vibration with the massaging ball’s 3 speeds."

Creams and Lubes

Simple Silk Toy-Friendly Lubricant ( $24)- This is a basic lube that is great for use with toys. It will not break down the material used to make the toy.

Seductive Spotlight Water-Based Lubricant ( $29)- This one is your basic everyday lubricant, on steroids. It will make anything feel even better.

Anal-Ese ( $12.95)- If you are a beginner in anal play, I strongly recommend this product. It provides a cooling effect that can relieve some of the initial discomforts that come with anal play.

Great Head Oral Delight Gel ( $20)- It makes head taste better. Enough said. It also comes in lots of flavors.

AMP Enhancement Gel ( $24)- This is a long-lasting gel that makes orgasms more intense. It provides a tingling sensation when applied to the clitoris and provides a longer lasting orgasm.

For Couples

Frequent Flier Door Swing Instant Position Aid ( $89)- This one is a sex swing. It provides you with the opportunity to assume positions that you never thought possible. Buy it.


Under The Bed Restraint System ( $69.95)

Hot Tie & Cuff Set ( $36.95)

The two products listed above are great for when you really want to pleasure your partner, while you remain in control. Bondage is for those who are seeking adventure, and these restraints are great for those who are looking for fun, new beginnings.

Onyx Teaser ( $35)- Pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain...not to mention, this whip is GORGEOUS!

Massage and Miscellaneous

Come Clean 8 oz Adult Sex Toy Cleaner ( $16)- You need this to clean your toys, nobody wants an infection. That is all.

Sexy Surprise Flirty Foreplay Dice Game For Couples ( $18)- These cute little dice are a great spin on game night for you and your significant other. Grab a drink, grab some dice and get ready for a night of fun!

Aura Massage Oil ( $18)

Heart Massager Heart-Shaped Heat Pack ( $16)

Burning Desire Soy Massage Oil Candle ( $24)

The Aura Massage Oil (any scent) and the Heart Massager are a great combination for an aromatherapy massage. All of the scents are fantastic and when you combine them with the warmth of the massager, it is amazing. The Burning Desire Massage Candle is amazing by itsself, warmth and amazing scent all in one.

Between The Sheets Powder-Based Linen Spray ( $18-$19)- This is my favorite Pure Romance product. It makes your sheets soft, silky, makes them smell amazing, and soaks up that pesky after-sex wet spot quickly. It's also available it many amazing scents.

Final Thoughts

I strongly recommend that you check out these websites and purchase the products in the categories of your choosing, I promise that you won't regret it. I will tell you this, I am single as a Pringle and my sex life is better than it has EVER been. The right products really do make a difference, see for yourself ;)


Liquid Lipstick Comparison

I don't know about you, but I really get tired of reapplying lipstick throughout the day or looking down to see lipstick on my straw or whatever food I am eating. Because of this, I decided to choose four different liquid lipsticks and compare them side by side based on price, formula, and wear time. I wanted to see if you really get what you pay for, here are my results. 


Product: Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick

Price: $21 at (Hint Hint: Ulta has it 50% off on 03/30)

Shade: It's Happening!

Wear time: 1 hr 53 min

Pros: Highly pigmented, silky texture, beautiful color selection, decent applicator, little to no transfer immediately after application

Cons: Price, drying, begins to peel about two hours after application, difficult to remove, can stain area around the mouth after removal

Rating: 6/10

BLOG Too Faced.jpg


Product: Elf Liquid Matte Lipstick

Price: $5 at

Shade: Wine Tour

Wear time: 1 hr 53 min

Pros: Price, dries quickly, silky texture, very nice applicator, zero transfer, comparable to Too Faced at a lower price point (save yourself the $16 extra dollars!)

Cons: Drying, begins to peel within a couple of hours, difficult to remove, can stain area around the mouth after removal

Rating: 6.5/10

BLOG Elf.jpg


Product: NYX Lip Lingerie

Price: $6.99 at

Shade: French Maid

Wear time: 2 hr 50 min

Pros: Great for those who prefer nude shades, creamy texture, not sticky, was not drying compared to others, easier to remove, does not stain, price

Cons: Cheap applicator, less pigmented, a small amount of transfer after application

Rating: 7/10 



Product: Lipsense (lipstick and glossy gloss)

Price: $25 lipstick/$20 gloss through your local distributor

Shade: Kiss For A Cause/Glossy Gloss

Wear time: Undetermined (I applied mine at 3:30 pm yesterday, it is now 8:43 am and the color is still in full swing)

Pros: WEAR TIME!, zero color transfer on tissue test (some gloss came off), color selection, very pigmented, comparable to the quality of Christian Louboutin Loubilaque ($85) but lasts much longer

Cons: must apply gloss often to prevent peeling, application burns for first few uses (you get used to it), somewhat of a perfume scent, tastes horrible if you accidentally get some in your mouth, price

Rating: 8.5/10 (the pros outweigh the cons, considering how often you need to reapply other lipsticks, you probably actually save money using Lipsense)

BLOG Lipsense.jpg


As you can see, you do not always get what you pay for. Lipsense was the clear winner for my experiment, but if the price point is not in your budget, both Elf and NYX liquid lipsticks are decent substitutes. I do not recommend wasting your money on Too Faced because in my opinion, the more affordable brands are better quality. Ironically though, the Too Faced is what I have been using every day, and my own experiment just changed my mind. What is your favorite liquid lipstick and what do you love about it? Let us know!

It's okay to say "No"

Sorry, Not Sorry

Contrary to popular belief, it's okay to say no. Many people believe that the key to a happy life is to always say yes because if you always say yes, you will never miss out. With that being said, always saying yes can also get you into very stressful situations that could have easily been avoided. 

Anyone who knows me knows that the word "no" is not a word that I normally use. I am all for excitement, adventure and trying new things. Being fun and spontaneous are great qualities to have, but it is important to know when to say no. 

Only you know what you are and are not comfortable with and what the main stressors are in your life. Not to sound selfish, but you must care for yourself before you care for anyone else. Now, mothers, I know what you may be thinking, "My children come first" or if you are married, "My husband/wife comes first". While this is a selfless thought, there are things you need to think about. Can your children be properly taken care of by someone who is not physically, emotionally and mentally healthy? Sure, you can get by, but is this the best way? Wives/girlfriends, can a relationship survive if one or both partners are not happy with themselves? Again, you can get by, but this does not make for a healthy relationship. 

I want you to look at the things in your life that stress you out. Are you overwhelmed at work, but your boss is asking if you'd like to take some voluntary overtime? Are your kids acting out, but your friend is asking you to babysit so that she can go get her nails done? Are you strapped for cash, but your family asked you to go out to dinner on Friday night? These are all situations in which most of us feel inclined to say yes because we feel that if we say no, someone will be upset with us. In situations such as these though, we need to consider the repercussions that saying yes will have on us. If you say yes to your boss about the overtime, you are sacrificing time with your family and sleep. If you say yes to your friend about babysitting her children, you risk getting overwhelmed and raising your blood pressure which can cause both physical and emotional issues. If you say yes to your family about eating out, you risk not being able to feed your family for the rest of the week or not having enough gas to get to work for the rest of the week. 

If it doesn't feel right or it will put you in a bind, just say no. It will be okay. Maybe someone will be upset with you for a few days, but when you consider your other options, this is not a big deal. Also, do not feel the need to explain yourself. If someone is truly upset with you for saying no to a small favor, is that really the kind of person you want in your life anyway? Just as the world does not owe you anything, you do not owe the world anything. If there is any chance that a certain situation will harm you physically, mentally or emotionally, say no and don't feel the need to make an excuse. My challenge for you this week is to let us know what you said no to this week, and why you feel good about it. Once you are finished reading this, go back to the Facebook post and leave us a comment using #ISaidNo.

Tips for Taking the Perfect Nude Selfie

It's a struggle that most of us have had, but have yet to perfect a solution. NUDE SELFIES! Maybe your hubby or wife is away on a business trip and you want to send them a nice surprise, or maybe you just want to feel sexy for yourself. Either way, I am here to help you with tips for taking the perfect nude selfie.


1. Angle. Let's start with an easy one, boobies! I think the best angle for a boob photo  is straight ahead.  Sometimes, taking a photo of your boobs from below or above can make them look...for lack of better words....saggy? To add some depth, you might think about taking the photo from the side, but still consider keeping it at boob level. Maybe you want add a little more fullness or extra cleavage? Just use the tops of your arms to squeeze the girls together. This works both standing or sitting up, and laying down. Now for the hard part. Anyone who has tried to take nude selfies knows that the hardest one to perfect is the booty. It is just sooooo hard to get that angle that really flatters those curves. My secret for booty nudes is to take the photo from below the booty and to the side. If you capture the photo from above the booty, you don't really capture all of the important curves. If you capture the photo from below, and just to the side, you can see everything. See the photo below for an example. Remember though, only you know what angles you look best at and what you are most comfortable with, so just do what feels right to you.



2. Lighting. Don't use flash. Make sure you have enough light, but not too much. Too much light can be very unflattering. With that being said, don't let the photo be too dark either. If it's too dark, it kind of defeats the purpose. I recommend going into a room with good natural light, and that should be just enough. If it's dark outside, a decently lit room is also fine. The right lighting makes a huge difference, so use your best judgment on this one.


3. Be mysterious. People, men especially, are visual creatures. One thing you may want to consider when taking nudes, is to not be completely nude. Consider wearing your favorite pair of sexy panties if taking a booty nude. If you are taking a boob shot, consider wearing a sexy bra with maybe just a little bit of nipple showing, or even just wear see-thru lingerie. Leave a little mystery, it'll drive your partner wild. 


4. Take shower selfies. This is my favorite time to take nudes. I just think that wet skin has a sexier look than dry skin. One thing you can try is before getting in the shower, rub some baby oil on the boobies and the booty. When water hits your skin, it will create a water droplet effect that looks uber hot. Once this happens, take the selfie! This is one of my favorite tips.


5. Experiment. Taking the same nudes can get boring. Take nudes EVERYWHERE! Getting ready for bed? Take some nudes. Already in bed? Take some nudes. In the shower? Take some nudes? Fresh out of the shower? Take some nudes. In a hotel on vacation? Take some nudes. Take nudes standing up. Take nudes sitting down. Take nudes laying down. Take nudes bending over. Find out what looks best for you. Dress it up. Take it all off. Keep doing things differently, and keep it interesting. 


6. Be careful. I'm going to turn into Captain Obvious real quick. Do not send your nudes to people you barely know. Take this from someone who has learned their lesson the hard way. If you insist on doing this anyway, for the love of all things holy, DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR FACE OR ANY FEATURES (such as visible tattoos) THAT WILL GIVE YOU AWAY! If you are going to send nudes, just make sure it's to someone that you trust completely, and don't accidentally text it to the wrong person. Hey, it happens!


In closing, sending nudes is very fun if done in the right way. Just sending one to your partner while they are at work can make for a very fun night when they get home. Have fun, be safe, and get to snapping!

-Samantha Jones, Ashley Reida Boudoir Blogger



-If you have a good camera, a tripod and a shutter remote work wonders!

-Arch the back and POP that booty (actually helps the booty AND boobies)




April Showers, May Flowers

"Sweet April showers, Do spring May flowers." -Thomas Tusser


To many people, this quote has a literal translation. Those who look more closely though will see the true meaning. Even the darkest of days will eventually bring beauty. I don't know about you, but there is something about the rain that depresses me at times. However, sometimes I do choose to see the beauty in it. As April draws near, I think it is very important that we keep a close eye on our happiness, positivity, and mental well-being. Turn all the rain into something positive and use the month of April to make yourself a better you, and love yourself. You may not see a lot of sunshine, but you should and you can make your own sunshine. As I sit here in my bedroom (while it rains), I decided it would be a great idea to compile a list of things you can do to make yourself a better you this April.



1. I believe that every woman should love the body that she came in, but with that being said, we are human. As humans, we are rarely satisfied with what we are given. I cannot count how many times I have heard a woman express her dissatisfaction with her body. So, my first challenge for you is to incorporate some sort of exercise into your daily routine. This morning, I did a 10-minute workout. I have a super busy schedule, and I know many of you do too. You will be surprised how much better a 10-minute cardio or yoga sesh will make you feel, and if you have a little more time, make it 30 minutes. Do not overdo it though, just do whatever you are comfortable and happy with. Exercise has so many benefits, both mental and physical.


2. Soak up the sun, when you can. Of course, sunny days in April may be few and far between, but when they happen, you should really take advantage of it. The sun provides vitamin D which is essential in helping with depression. Just a few minutes of exposing your bare skin to sunlight can make you feel so much better. Consider taking a vitamin D supplement (after speaking with your doctor about it, of course) on those rainy days when you cannot get any outside time.


3. Do what you love, and get things done. Do all of the things that bring joy to your life, but also do all of the things you have been putting off. If you are stuck inside, create a playlist of your favorite music and clean out that storage room you've been meaning to clean for....6 months now? Fold your laundry, but watch your favorite movie while you are doing it (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?). Wash your dishes, but sing some karaoke. Tackle all of those indoor tasks you've been putting off, but incorporate some of your favorite things to do. You'll thank yourself tomorrow.


4. Pamper yourself. Go get your nails done, or do your own nails. Go get your hair done, or curl your own hair. Do you normally go without makeup? Put a little bit on, make yourself feel sexy, you deserve it. Take a bath instead of a shower. Take the kids to their grandparents or a friend and have a date night with your spouse, or boyfriend or girlfriend....which leads me to my next tip.


5. Have sex. Have LOTS of sex. Let's be honest, sex with the right person fixes EV-UH-REE-THANG. That stack of Cosmo magazines just sitting on your desk because you haven't had time to read them, read them. They have sex tips in them....ALL OF THEM DO! Try them out! This is really my best tip. 


6. If all else fails, dance in the rain (but not if there is lightning). The more it rains, the more I realize that there is nothing I can do about it. Enjoy what you are given, and let go of what you cannot control. Yeah, that is literal and metaphorical. 


Seriously though, go out and dance in the rain, because the rain is a reminder of the beauty that is yet to come.

-Samantha Jones, Blogger for Ashley Reida Boudoir

10 Reasons You Should Have a Boudoir Session

10 Reasons You Should Have a Boudoir Session

Did you know that boudoir is about more than just wearing lingerie and looking sexy?  There are a lot more benefits to a session then just having some interesting pictures to look at!  Here are 10 reasons ( in no particular order ) you should book your own boudoir session!


1. A Boudoir Session will increase your self esteem, self confidence, and self worth.

We are always our own worst critics.  We look in the mirror and ONLY see our flaws.  We're not used to noticing the nicer aspects of ourselves.  When you have a boudoir session, you really get to see yourself from another perspective.  From someone else's perspective.  You get to see that you truly are a beautiful person, inside and out.  Many girls have come in and cried at their reveals!

Imagine, putting on the dress...and instead of thinking you can't pull it off (because of YOUR insecurities) you remember what everyone else really sees...a bombshell!

2. A Boudoir Session is fun!

I like having fun with my girls (I call them Ashley's Angels).  Most usually come in pretty nervous, and that's completely normal.  I get them relaxed by chatting with them and we joke around.  We laugh about how silly some poses are and dance around to music.  Sometimes I take them to do fun things ... like playing in mud!  Everyone's experience is different.  I keep the atmosphere light and my girls always leave telling me "That's not as bad as I thought it wold be! I actually had fun!"

3. A Boudoir Session gives you an excuse to get all dressed up!

Girls that come in for a session with me are treated to professional hair and makeup.  You get to get all girlied up and pretty!  And it's a great excuse to get all dolled up!  After your session, you can hit the town for date night and still look FAB!

4. A Boudoir Session gives you an excuse to go SHOPPING!  Or not, if you hate shopping!

A lot of women love to shop for pretty things!  Lingerie is one of the ultimate pretty things.  And shoes. And jewelry. And a pretty dress...and.....

But, if you hate shopping, I do carry a selection of lingerie in my client closet that you are welcome to choose from so that you don't have to deal with that aspect.

5. A Boudoir Session gives you an excuse to wear your pretty lingerie for more than 2 seconds!

We all know it,  We put on a sexy number to entice our lover and it's literally on your body for 2 seconds...or less!  And the amount of money that is sometimes invested in pieces given the amount of time you actually wear them is astronomical!  So bring all your pretties to me and let me photograph you in them!  You'll wear each piece for 15-30 minutes and have photos to remember how BOMB you look in it!

6. A Boudoir Session makes a great gift!

First off, you should have a boudoir session first and foremost for YOURSELF!  But, next to that, they do make excellent gifts!  Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Father's Day, Weddings, Christmas....or just for the hell of it.  Very few lovers out there would complain about getting an album full of sexy images from their woman!

7. A Boudoir Session gives you a chance to get a day away from it all!

This is the ultimate break from routine!  Schedule a day off work.  Get a babysitter for the kids for the day.  Take a break from the normal household duties you've got. You deserve a day to yourself!  Instead of taking a sick day and staring at the boob tube all day, come and get some boob pics! Haha! I kid...unless you want boob pics....

8. A Boudoir Session celebrates who you are RIGHT NOW!

Do you love your curves, or wish to love them?  Did you just lose weight?  Did you just get a divorce?  Did you just get married?  Are you pregnant?  Do you want to remember your body before you get pregnant? Did you just turn 30? 40? 50? 60?

Whatever your circumstances, a boudoir session right now will help you remember this time in your life.  And it will help you remember that you're a badass! 

On a personal note, I recently had a boudoir session at my HEAVIEST weight.  I desired to love myself as I was and decided to go for it so that even when I eventually get the weight off, I can look back and still love my body like it is now.  To remember that my weight loss journey wasn't because I didn't love my body or my curves, rather that I was leading an unhealthy life.  And I didn't love my body...but after my session I just look in the mirror and 75% of the time think DAYUM GIRL THOSE CURVES!!!  (The other 25% of the time I still nit pick like any other woman but it was a much higher percentage before my session)

9. A Boudoir Session lets you be someone you aren't usually.

You go to work.  You take care of the kids. You clean the house. You do yard work. You cook dinner.  You wear so many hats.  And yet there's something buried in there that wants out.  A sexy kitten, a naughty librarian, a she wolf, a badass babe.  What's under everything that we can let out?  A boudoir session give you the opportunity to express who you are and incorporate your interests into your under the covers persona.

10. A Boudoir Session gives you an excuse to pamper yourself!

Not that you need an excuse...but some of us have a hard time justifying spending time or money on ourselves when we have soooo many other obligations. 

Now is the time to get a manicure, get a pedicure, tan a little bit (not a lot), get your hair done ( I don't recommend anything completely new just before your session in case you don't love it), eat healthy, and generally take care of yourself so that you look and feel amazing during your session!



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Top 5 Sexy Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Sexy Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Spice Up Your Love Life This Christmas

Tis the Season!   Why not spice up your relationship with some sexy, fun Christmas gifts for your guy?  Women don't always have to be the ones to initiate the fun!  Let him open these gifts that will lead to the ultimate!  I've selected my top 5 Christmas gifts to spice up your relationship this Christmas! Enjoy!

(PS...this blog does contain affiliate links pictures that you can click and buy if you'd like and I do get a small kick-back....but you love me so...... :P )

1. Positioning Pillow

This baby is a sexy gift with a sexy secret.....he will think it's fun to try a new position....but you'll find it helps reach certain areas....ahem....I know this from experience.

There are all sorts of them in all different shapes and sizes but my favorite one is this one:

2. A Boudoir Session

That's a given!  You might not have time to do this before Christmas but you can always get your session booked and then purchase lingerie and give him a little heads up on what to expect soon!!! 

As an added bonus, a boudoir session can help you build up your self confidence and make you feel more attrative, when you feel more attractive, people find you more attractive...its a confidence thing <3


3. Bedroom Games

The same old routine can get boring this Christmas, use some of these fun ideas to mix it up a little.  Play a game, try new positions, give IOU's.  The checks would make a great stocking stuffer!! can also buy white sheets and make a game board on them with each space representing something the other has to do with each other...grab 2 space moves and a dice and you'll both WIN!

4. Satin Boxers

Ummmmm Yummy!!! I'm pretty sure you can find these anywhere but I linked some pretty ones for you in case you don't want to go to the store ;) Hehe....

Are these more for feel fab?  Or for you?  Imaging cuddling up to silk boxers!  Beats the holey ones that are his favorite......not speaking from experience or anything....

5. A Massage....for both of you!

Use these together to set the mood!  Oil, massage gloves, music, candles....perfection!  Just remind him he needs to GIVE to GET!  If you know what I mean.....

PRO TIP: ALL of the massage products will fit in a maybe a massage themed stocking? ;)

I hope you ladies enjoyed my top 5 sexy Christmas gift ideas for your guy I came up with!  Have fun shopping for your lover! 

Merry Christmas! <3

Black Friday Information

Ashley Reida Boudoir Black Friday Information


Hey there ladies!  Are you ready for the Black Friday Sale!?!  I know I am!  I have been working VERY hard to put together a few very special and very limited deals and collections for you!!! Spot are limited and WILL sell out!  This is a ONE DAY ONLY SALE! It's the ONLY day you'll be able to save with the incredible savings you're going to see tomorrow!!!

So here's a little info on kinda how things will go! I've taken my three collections, combined the session with it and then took a percentage off of that final total to bring you amazing savings. (You can see info on collections and original pricing in the pricing information tab above) I also created an EXCLUSIVE Black Friday ONLY 5 digital collection for those of you who just want to try it out at a very special price.  And for those of you who just want to dip their toes in, I've also taken 50% off the session fee so you can experience this!

When I launch the sale, there will be another page on this site called 'Black Friday' and that's where you'll start shopping.  Reach the description of the collection you choose carefully!  At the bottom of the page will be a form to fill out.  That will send you and email with a 'proposal' in it.  From there, you select the collection or product you want and click next.  The next page is my contract.  Fill that out (PS just put my name where it say photographer- this is me saying that's my signature lol) After that page you'll click next, your invoice will be ready to pay.   Once the contract is signed and invoice paid, you're officially IN!  In the coming days I'll send you a prep sheet and we'll start chatting about when you want to have your session.  Sessions are to be booked between January and April 2018.

Here's a link to my planning guide so you can read up on how a full session works!


-Not for current clients booked or for clients currently on a payment plan.  Previous clients are welcome to book a new session!

-You MAY buy this as a gift for someone else but please send me an email to let me know

-Payment in full is due at the time of invoicing.  Payment plans are not available on Black Friday Deals.  If you choose to purchase just the sitting fee you MAY start a pre-payment towards a discounted collection per my regular pre-payment terms.

-All payment is non-refundable.  One reschedule is available.  Reschedules after that are $100.

-Good for individual boudoir, couples boudoir, and maternity boudoir. 






Twin Mom's Boudoir Experience

 I went into this boudoir session with Ashley Reida and I was extremely nervous! She not only assured me that my body was beautiful, but beautiful just the way it was. I am beyond self conscience about my body, she helped me overcome that by helping me see the beauty within. 

       I haven't even been able to wear a bathing suit to the beach that doesn't cover everything because of the body issues I have. I am a mother of twin 8 year old girls and the stretching, sagging, weight gain that all goes along with that. I was never able to get back into shape. I felt unbelievably unattractive. 

       After my session with Ashley she made me feel like a goddess on my own skin! Made me realize I still can be sexy no matter how I look. That comes from the inside. I WOULD HAVE NEVER HAD THIS NEW FOUND CONFIDENCE WITHOUT HER! I can't say enough good things about her.


DSC_5787 copy.jpg
DSC_5829 copy.jpg

Lingerie Alternatives

Lingerie Alternatives for Your Boudoir Shoot

Some women hate lingerie.  Some women think its too revealing.  And some women want something a little creative and out of the box.  And the truth don't HAVE to wear it...and you don't HAVE to be naked to avoid it!  There are plenty of lingerie alternatives for your boudoir shoot! You just have to think a little outside of the box and gather up all the cute anti-lingerie accessories you'll want to have before your photography session.  Below are some excellent lingerie alternative ideas!

 lingerie alternative white sheets

lingerie alternative white sheets

-Husband/Partner's button up shirt with bra and panties to provide more coverage

-Jersey with your or your significant other's favorite sports team paired with undies.  What better way to celebrate football season!

-Off the shoulder sweater can be sexy and provide coverage and leave some to the imagination.  Plus shoulders are totally sexy

-Lacy or satin robes can be used to cover up lingerie and bra and panties. Or yourself.

-Sexy dresses....boudoir is sexy photography.  It doesn't always mean you need to be nude or partially nude! Bring in your favorite killer dress!

-Bathing suits can make for fun beach type boudoir shoots!

-Sheets covering your body strategically can imply sexiness and possible nudity without exposing you at all.

-Jeans that are unzipped showing a little bit of lacy panty with a button up shirt that's mostly unbuttoned....and a cowboy hat will be sure to set your cowboy on fire!

Have fun planning the pieces that will replace or accent lingerie in your boudoir shoot!

Can you think of some other alternatives? Comment below! I'd love to hear your ideas!

 lingerie alternative jersey

lingerie alternative jersey

5 Pieces of Flattering Boudoir Lingerie for Every Body Type

5 Pieces of Flattering Lingerie for Every Body Type

When you book your boudoir session, one of the most daunting tasks is shopping for lingerie because you have no idea what looks good on you. We're here to help! We've gathered 5 pieces of lingerie for each body type: Apple, Pear, Hourglass, and Square shaped women.  Find your body type get a head start on lingerie shopping!

Boudoir Lingerie for Apple Shape Women

Apple shaped women have larger mesurements through the bust and waist but tend to have thinner hips and arms and legs. Lingerie should support the top and accentuate the bottom while still paying homage to natural assets.

1. Corset- A corset is a very popular piece of boudoir lingerie that will slim the tummy and accentuate the bust of apple shaped women.

2. Sheer Flowy Nighties- A sheer flowy nightie is a sexy piece of lingerie that will fall on your body in a flattering way that will balance the hips and give a sexy sneak peek!

3. Deep Demi Bra with Supportive Underwire- Apple shaped women tend to have heavier breasts and need as much support as possible, so make sure your bra is deep cut to show off the gorgeous cleavage and and underwire to support the weight.

4. Lacy V High Rise Panties- Since Apple shaped women tend to have slimmer hips, most of the attention goes towards the bustier top.  Bring attention to your hips and balance out your shape by wearing underwear that have a v shape and a little lace.

5. Cami- A cami will balance out your top figure - especially paired with the above mentioned panties.


Boudoir Lingerie for Pear Shaped Women

Pear shaped women are wider in the hips and smaller in the bust.  Pear shaped women need to choose lingerie that will balance out the figure by accentuating the bust and playing down the hips.

1. Ruffle Bras - Choose bras that have a lot of fun ruffles to bring attention to the breasts.

2. Chiffon Gowns - Chiffon gowns are sexy lingerie pieces that will bring attention to the top portion while skimming the hips.  This will keep from bringing TOO much attention to the hips.

3. High Rise Thongs and Boy Shorts - High rise lingerie lengthens the body line.  This can work to the advantage of a pear shaped woman by slimming the hips.

4. Fly Away Baby Doll - The fly away baby doll will bring attention to the topportion of your body by creating an angle to accentuate the area.  The fly away portions skim the hips in a sexy way and balance the body.

5. Padded Push Up Bras - Push up bras will accentuate the cleavage and give the illusion that there's more up top.

Boudoir Lingerie for Hour Glass Figured Women

Women with an hour glass figure tend to have similar measurements in the bust and the hips and a slimmer waist.  Most lingerie flatters women with hourglass figures.

1. Bodysuit - A body suit is a piece of lingerie that is all once piece.  They can come in different materials from leather to lace.  Deep v-necks in these suits add an extra bit of sexiness to these pieces

2. Corset - A corset will accentuate smaller waists as well as compliment ample cleavage. Pair with a sexy thong.

3. Garter Belt - Traditionally used to hold up thigh highs but now widely considered as a sexy piece of lingerie.  A garter belt will draw attention to the smaller waist of a woman with an hourglass figure.

4. Form Fitting Slips - Draw attention to your symmetric curves with a form fitting slip or nighty.  It will hug your curves from top to bottom.

5. Bra and Panty Combos - Bring attention to the bust and the hips wearing supportive bras and matching or complimentary colored underwear. 


Boudoir Lingerie for Square Shaped Women

Women with a square shaped body tend to have smaller bust and hips that line up similarly to the measurement of the waist.  Choosing lingerie that creates curves in the body will help make your photos have the wow effect!

1. G-strings and Thongs - G-strings and thongs will create the illusion from behind of more of a booty by outlining in the appropriate places

2. Ruffle Matching Bra and Panty Sets - Ruffles and bows and Lace are all great go-to lingerie options for square shaped women.  Ruffles especially add volume to the chest and hips.  Choose bras with ruffled cups and underwear with ruffles on the hips to add the illusion of curves to your body.

3. Demi Cup Push Up Bras - Demi cup push up bras add an extra cup size to your bust and create cleavage where it may not naturally exist.

4. V-Cut Underwear - Similar to thongs, V- cut underwear create a similar illusion of curves while being a more modest option.

5. Ruffle Skirts -These are a fun lingerie option that hide slimmer hips and add a sexy flirty vibe to your boudoir photo session.

Boudoir Lingerie for ALL Body Types

Here's a list of lingerie that flatters all body types.

1. Nighties - Full piece nighties can hide the tummy area which is a pain point for a lot of women, especially mothers and is a great piece of flattering boudoir lingerie.  Fly away nighties are a fun option to add a bit of extra flirt to your boudoir session.

2. Fishnet pieces - Fishnet dresses are a fun piece that can be worn alone or over a bra and panty set.  It accentuates curves and depending on the cut and sleeves, can hide trouble areas.

3. Stockings - Stockings are an often overlooked piece of lingerie that can add fun to other pieces you wear.  You can also get shots of you putting on the stockings which will make you feel sexy and that most men love to see.

4. Solid Curve Hugging Slips - Non- see through slips that hug the body will accentuate curves and hide tummy rolls, slimming your figure.  Its a more modest option but there's nothing wrong with leaving a little to the imagination.

5. Lacey Robes - Lacy robes are an essential boudoir lingerie piece.  It can be used to put on to keep covered between sets and can be used in portraits to increase the sexy vibe and cover up problem area.  It's one of the most versatile lingerie pieces available.

Stay tuned! We will soon write about fun alternatives to lingerie for your boudoir session!


What is a Contemporary Glamour Shoot?

A lot of people ask me what a contemporary glamour shoot or a beauty session is.  It's simply a session where you get to come in and get pampered.  You get a makeover and you get to wear beautiful clothes.  You get to BE Cinderella for a day.  You get the day to yourself to be you and to be creative. The shoots can be whatever you want them to be.  Beauty. Creative. Glamour. Boudoir. Maternity. Vintage. Classic.  We can discuss this and we will make sure the session fits YOU.

Now what it is is NOT the 80's and 90's glamour from the stalls at the mall.  Haha! Unless you want it to be!

Below are some examples of some of my recent Contemporary Glamour Shoots. These are all real live women...of all shapes, sizes, ages.  Moms, wives, and hard working individuals.  Women just like you who wanted to have a day to themselves and to feel like the true beauty they are.

5 Tips for a Perfect Selfie

Do you want some tips for taking the perfect selfie?


I used to hate selfies...but then I saw a quote that went something along the lines of "I am so pro-selfie.  There are bigger issues in the world than a woman thinking she is beautiful.  One of them is women who don't think they're beautiful."  That really hit home fore I decided to set up a group for self(ie) love.  You can request to join it here.

Spawning off from that I thought I'd create a fun video that gives 5 tips for taking the perfect selfie...or at least a better selfie!


For those of you that don't want to watch my 3.5 minute video, here are the selfie tips laid out for you...although I think you should watch the video because I demonstrate! And it's hilarious! :)


It's just not cute.  It's not sexy.  Please don't do it. Keep it out of your selfie and in the chicken dance. Or duck that even a thing?

Tip 2. Separate your chin from your neck.

The easiest way to do this is to think like a swan...stretch your neck up, jut chin forward and then tilt it down.  That keep the double chin from happening in your selfie.

Tip 3. Smile!

Please smile in your selfie....we love to see makes you look happy!  If RBF is your thing, that's cool..but work for at least 75% smiles and 25% RBF!!

Tip 4. Make eye contact with your lens!

Don't stare at your reflection! You're connecting with your audience, not yourself!  Also, smile with your eyes! There's a big difference between a connection with a smile and a connection without a give yourself a genuine smile that lights up your whole face...then either keep the smile or drop the smile but KEEP THE SMILE IN YOUR EYES...simply let the smile just on your mouth drop...and look in the gives an intense connection with your audience so your selfie can be a big hit!

Tip 5.  Make sure the lighting is good!

There's nothing that ruins a selfie more than bad lighting.  Except maybe a duck face! Yikes.  A naturally sunlit room gives the BEST lighting and is the most flattering....just no direct sunlight on your face will wash you out and you will squint and that's not attractive. Avoid low light areas and if you cannot snapchat has a really cool selfie feature that give you a small flash in the frame!  

Enjoy the tips and make your selfie PERFECT!  



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Nurse's Week 2016 - Molly

Nurses are so important to our community.  Alongside doctors they assist in making us whole and healthy again.  And making the sick comfortable.  Without nurses, our doctors couldn't perform their jobs as well..and they fill in medical gaps with compassion and companionship.  They're there when we're born, throughout our lives and they'll be there when we take our final breaths.  In honor of Nurse's week, I had the pleasure of treating two local Effingham nurses to a photo session.  They deserve it don't you think? ;) 

This is Molly! You can tell just by looking at her that she has an amazing personality. Bright eyed and with a gorgeous smile (she has an infectious laugh as well).  This gorgeous lady serves Effingham County as a nurse.

 Molly, in home health nurse and outpatient surgery nurse

Molly, in home health nurse and outpatient surgery nurse

Molly has been a nurse for 4 years.  She recently moved to the Effingham area and has plans to become extremely involved in our community.  She's currently working for an in home health facility where she travels to her patient's homes to provide care in their own familiar environments.  She's also working at an outpatient surgery center and is a nursing school teacher.  Molly says about her job, "Impacting peoples lives each day and changing them in any way, shape or form. I love impacting community members and caring for them in their comfortable environments." 

I usually ask questions of people I'm featuring in person or via a questionnaire and I take those responses and re-word them to tell a story the reflects that individual from my perspective...however when Molly answered my question about why she decided to become a nurse, her response was profound to me.  There is no way I can do her story justice by changing anything about here is why Molly became a nurse, in her own words.  "At the age of 18, I suffered a severe allergic that caused me to lose 95% of my skin from head to toe. Unaware that I was highly allergic to sulfa, as a senior in high school, I was prescribed Bactrim for a sinus infection. Doses of medication for twelve days soon invaded my body with an extreme rash and fever. Physicians and healthcare providers were dumbfounded at the sight of me. Metamorphosing by the hour, I was finally diagnosed correctly by an excellent emergency room physician. Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis had attacked my body, an illness that strikes one in every two million individuals yearly. He explained to my parents how the illness was going to eat away at my flesh both internally and externally. Straight to the point, he elucidated the severity and what a necessity it was to transfer me to a burn unit immediately. With blisters the size of footballs covering ninety-five percent of my body, my condition only worsened. Healthcare professionals debrided my blistered skin daily, from face to toes my body was peeled away exposing raw open nerve endings. The pain I experienced is both indescribable and unforgotten. I was feed through a feeding tube, given a PICC line and was monitored around the clock. Between the bandaged slits of my eyes, I witnessed first hand the tremendous love and compassion nurses hold for their patients. Constantly unwrapping, bathing and rewrapping my victimized body, their dedication and determination for my survival never wavered. I too desired to be that caliber of nurse, who aids in my patient’s survival. " 

Wow.  Everyone has a story to tell and all of your stories sum up who you are now...Molly had a deep ah-ha moment when she was in the hospital with her own life in jeopardy.  She was cared for by such compassionate nurses and it made a difference to her...and now she's making that same difference to countless others in our community.  She says, "Nursing is a profession that offers endless possibilities and it is not always so glamours, like tv shows. What I love most about nursing and what I want the world to know is that nurses are the backbone to medicine." Well said and AMEN.

When Molly isn't providing comfort and care in our medical community, she's usually out in the general community or spending time with her family who are very important to her.  She loves to travel, work out, and socialize with her friends and family.  She's excited about what her future hold in store for her.  She believes nursing is an open book and has so much potential.  She wants to explore every door God opens for her.

As if nursing itself weren't amazing enough, Molly is very involved in volunteering.  In the past she's volunteered managing a free healthy clinic, with the organizations CASA and Blessings in a Backpack, is a member of a sorority that volunteers, and in orphanages in Mexico.  She looks forward to getting her hands on many other volunteering opportunities in the future.

A note from Molly: One year ago, I made an exciting decision to become an entrepreneur, along side my career as a nurse! I love being a nurse and I am able to share my passion for medicine through this opportunity. Medicine, in the form of feeling beautiful in your skin. This opportunity has changed my life and has allowed me to change other peoples' lives every day, by allowing them to build the life of their dreams, financially, personally, emotionally and professionally! I would love sharing more with anyone that is interested. Please feel free to contact me,


Nurse's Week 2016 - Meredith

Nurses are so important to our community.  Alongside doctors they assist in making us whole and healthy again.  And making the sick comfortable.  Without nurses, our doctors couldn't perform their jobs as well..and they fill in medical gaps with compassion and companionship.  They're there when we're born, throughout our lives and they'll be there when we take our final breaths.  In honor of Nurse's week, I had the pleasure of treating two local Effingham nurses to a photo session.  They deserve it don't you think? ;) 

Meet the beautiful and amazing Meredith.  She has sparkling brown eyes, perfectly golden hair, and AMAZING smile...and she's a nurse.

 Meredith, local nurse at the neonatal intensive care unit and at an outpatient surgery center

Meredith, local nurse at the neonatal intensive care unit and at an outpatient surgery center

Meredith recently moved back to the Effingham, Illinois area.  She works in the neonatal intensive care unit at St Johns in Springfield and also at an outpatient surgery center near St. Anthony's.  She has been a nurse for 3 years and finds fulfillment in the profession.  When asked what she loved most about her job, this is what she had to say, "In the NICU, our patients are most often admitted very premature. It's so rewarding watching these too new and too fragile infants grow and develop right in front of me. There is nothing more fulfilling than witnessing these tiny miracles every day."  Parents....we are so lucky to have a woman like this in the NICU!  Someone who views your child as a 'miracle'. 

Meredith decided to pursue the nursing path when she was a teenager.  At the time she babysat children and dreamed of opening up her own daycare center.  Unfortunately, two of the children she watched became very ill and had to be hospitalized for a while.  The experience made Meredith realize that she had a desire to help children in a different way than she had imagined...she wanted to become a nurse.   I have always believed there are things that happen in our lives that point us straight to where we need to be.  This is a perfect example.  Although it's unfortunate these children were ill, our community benefits from here being in the right place at the right time to realize her path and ultimately serve the children in our area.

When Meredith isn't busy being a dedicated nurse, she can be found playing with her 'fur daughters', Ellie and Hattie.  She also enjoys activities outside and spending time with her family-especially her nieces.  She's looking forward to getting more involved in our community and can't wait to see what the future has in store for her. 

I asked Meredith if there were one thing she could tell the community about nursing, what would it be? "Nursing isn't all about dealing with blood, guts, poop, pee, snot, or any other bodily fluid you can think of. It's about being there for a patient or family during one of the most vulnerable, scary moments of their life. It's about making an impact and being a kind, friendly face when it is needed the most. "

Thank you Meredith!  It's people like you that help hold our community together!

Samantha Mays

Introducing my lovely sister, Samantha.

 Samantha Mays- college student- hard working single mom

Samantha Mays- college student- hard working single mom

Sam came into my studio to let me practice some of my new techniques.  And to have a fun girls day.  We attempted some imaginative portraiture and some boudoir.  Sam lives a few hours from me.  She's working on her bachelor's degree and hopes to one day enjoy a career she loves and raise a happy family. She has two awesome little boys (not that I'm biased) Landon (6) and Bentley (5).  She's also single (ahem eligible bachelors). ;)

We had a lot of fun during her session...getting creative and getting pampered.  And she loved her images.  Here's what she had to say: 

      "Ashley is very professional, but also loves to have fun. She was able to make me see myself in a way that I never thought was possible. If she can make me feel beautiful and love myself, she can do the same for you....I enjoyed getting spoiled while getting ready for the session....getting my hair and makeup done, yummy treats. I also found that seeing the final products made me feel so much better about myself.....I was afraid that I couldn't take good pictured and no matter what was done, that I wouldn't be able to see myself as beautiful. I was proven wrong, the pictures made me realize and feel that I am so much better than I thought I was. They made me feel gorgeous." -Samantha Mays

Enjoy a selection of her images below!

DSC_0607 copy.jpg